What is a Dental Implant and What is it Used for?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement that is used in prosthetic dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth. Dental implants are very commonly used in the world today, and can be used either for health reasons and cosmetic purposes. Dental Implant Surgery Dental implant surgery is the … Read More »

Is It Normal To Have Pain After Dental Implants?

It is normal to have some pain after dental implant procedures for fitting bridges, dentures, anti-snoring plates or any other kind of implantation. However, the pain should not be crippling. If it is crippling pain, then something has gone wrong and you need to contact your dentist immediately (or have a friend or family member … Read More »

Is a Dental Implant Insurance Coverage Necessary?

A lot of people ask themselves if a dental implant insurance coverage is necessary. Well is it? Perhaps it depends on a case to case basis. Of course, before you avail of one, you need to review some factors which would help you in coming up with the right decisions. Below are some of the … Read More »

What is the Dental Implants Average Cost?

Dental implants are not at all the same thing as artificial replacement teeth, and they are actually much better because there is no risk of them falling out. Another thing is that they are actually the threaded metal cylinders that serve as the roots of the missing teeth. In general, dental implants may be an … Read More »

How do You Choose a Dental Implant Surgeon?

Choosing a dental implant surgeon can be a difficult decision. Not only are you putting your appearance in he or she’s hands but you are also going to be undergoing surgery. Surgery performed badly never turns out well, and you may need to go to another surgeon to fix problems when you first had a … Read More »