How do You Choose a Dental Implant Surgeon?

Choosing a dental implant surgeon can be a difficult decision. Not only are you putting your appearance in he or she’s hands but you are also going to be undergoing surgery. Surgery performed badly never turns out well, and you may need to go to another surgeon to fix problems when you first had a tooth implant procedure.

Although cost will probably factor into your decision it shouldn’t be the only one. Experience and qualifications are the most important things when you are looking for a dental implant surgeon. You should also look for someone with a good track record.

Skilled Surgeons

The first thing you want to look for in a dental implant surgeon is the level of skill. To perform this type of surgery the doctor should be able to provide you with documentation of some kind. Usually any certificate that proves your dental implant surgeon is qualified to perform this surgery will come with a registration number.

This number can then be checked against your local registry of dental implant surgeons. If your surgeon has a website they should have this information on the website. If they don’t then you should ask to see the documentation.


Research is a very important part of selecting your dental implant surgeon. You should know about the latest technology and equipment used in this surgery. This way you can ensure that your surgeon is using the very latest equipment. If they are not using the latest equipment then make sure there are no risks or downsides to using older equipment.


Your surgeon should do more than sell you the good points of having a tooth implant procedure. The possible risks should be disclosed to you at your consultations. A surgeon who doesn’t disclose the risks or breezes over any risks when you ask should be avoided. Your surgeon should inform you as best as they can so that you make a sound decision.

You should also receive a guarantee from your surgeon. A guarantee is a written document that you sign before undergoing surgery. In the document it states that your surgeon has made it clear to you all the possible risks and complications. On the surgeons part there is a guarantee that the surgeon will take responsibility for anything harmful that results from the surgery.

As part of your consultation you should be fully informed about all after care instructions. A surgeon who sends you home without explaining what to do is not someone you want to go with. Above all you should feel comfortable with your surgeon. .

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